July 24, 2024

How Ncapital Group distinguishes itself as a Customer Oriented Crypto Exchange?

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Have you ever wonder why we only have a handful of cryptocurrency exchanges in our knowledge whereas, thousands of exchanges have been founded since 2011? The answer is simple, that out of thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges, only a handful of them are loyal to their customers. Today, majority of the crypto-exchanges are operating to lure innocent new investors and get money out of them. While majority of the new crypto-exchanges are at it, Ncapital Group is trying to make a difference and is distinguishing itself among others. Therefore, I will share some information about the exchange in this Ncapital Group review to prove how it distinguishes itself among other new exchanges.

Ncapital Group is sticking to Traditions

One of the major factors to discern new exchanges from Ncapital Group is its taste for traditional cryptocurrency trading. At present, majority of the new exchanges are focused on offering several services with aims to bring in more investments. However, these exchanges do not offer much in return to the investors. On the other hand, Ncapital Group sticks to the traditions of focusing on the grooming and training of the investors whether they are new or old.

The expert teams at Ncapital Group focus on educating the investors and helping them understand the basic and trends of the cryptocurrency trading markets. They educate the cryptocurrency investors on new strategies and maneuvers to find success in the cryptocurrency industry.

Regulatory Protection to the Investors

One major factor that majority of the new exchanges lack today is adherence to the regulations. As a result, most of them are always on the edge of getting shut down by the regulatory authorities. On the other hand, Ncapital Group adheres to the regulatory policies such as Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer. This way, Ncapital Group ensures it provides you with a safe and peaceful trading environment, without any regulatory penalties or scrutiny.

Ncapital Group Offers You Many Trading Option

Ncapital Group believes in providing you with several options no matter service or product, and trading accounts are no different. Ncapital Group provides you with a long list of trading accounts that include basic, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and black accounts. The accounts are organized in an ascending order in terms of experience, deposit requirements, services, and benefits. Therefore, you can choose the trading account you wish to trade with and count on Ncapital Group’s support throughout your trading journey.

No Matter the Trading Account, These Services Are Must

Although Ncapital Group offers different trading accounts, yet it does justice to its claim of being a client oriented and traditional exchange. It does it by offering you general services that you have access to no matter the trading account you have subscribed to. Some of the services include educational center, pro webinars, dedicated account manager, personalized trading strategy, Islamic account, one-on-one trading training, and premier events.

Trading Platform is Exclusive and Loaded with Tools and Features

Even the trading platform offered by Ncapital Group helps it distinguish itself among other exchanges, as it is exclusive to the exchange’s investors. The trading platform is unique and is loaded with state of the art tools and features to help you trade smoothly and with a peace of mind. The trading platform has user-friendly trading environment and customizable interface. Furthermore, the platform grants you access to multiple trading markets, custom analytics, price alerts, daily market news, trading signals, swift transactions, and much more.

Deposit and Withdrawal Could Not Get Any Easier

Like other new cryptocurrency exchanges, Ncapital Group does not bombard you with several depositing or withdrawal methods. If you wish to make deposits and withdrawals via Ncapital Group, then you can choose the slow channel like bank wire or the faster ones. The faster channels feature credit/debit cards and ripple/bitcoin wallets. If you wish to make smooth deposits/withdrawals, then you need to provide your personal identification information and proof of address. The best thing is that you can make deposits and withdrawals in GBP, EUR, USD, and major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and BTC.

Customer Support is 24/5 and is At Your Service

Another major factor that distinguishes Ncapital Group from other exchanges is its customer support team. Ncapital Group has invested vast amount of resources in gathering a team of customer support representatives readied to serve you in any way possible. The support team at Ncapital Group is trained and professional to provide solutions to your queries very promptly and effectively. If you wish to get in touch with them, then you can do it via phone or email, between Monday and Friday.

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