July 24, 2024

EcoMarkets, Cryptocurrency Exchange with Tremendous Potential to Grow

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As the cryptocurrency is currently flying high in the all-time highs, more cryptocurrency exchanges are being founded on a daily basis. Almost every week, a new cryptocurrency exchange is being founded with aims to lead the crypto-exchange industry. However, majority of them are providing similar services due to which their chances of survival are very less. On the other hand, EcoMarkets not only has the potential to survive, but become one of the most promising, and leading exchanges. Therefore, I am going to share some highlights about the exchange in my EcoMarketsreview to get my message across.

EcoMarkets Offers a Regulated Environment

Today, there are thousands of cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the crypto-verse. Unfortunately, majority of them side with decentralization, meaning that they do not adhere to KYC and AML. This means that most of the exchanges we currently encounter are not authorized to operate, but they are still there. It is mainly because of the investors who prefer using decentralized channels. While majority of the people have no negative intentions about decentralization, bad actors to get their way when performing money laundering and other acts.

This is the reason why EcoMarkets has these policies in place to ensure it offers a peaceful, risk-free, and an environment that has regulations and principles.

Trading Assets EcoMarkets Currently Offers

Most of the cryptocurrency trading exchanges in the current times have resorted providing traditional trading assets. EcoMarkets has taken the crypto-trading industry to the next level by introducing more trading assets. EcoMarkets has recently added new trading assets to the platform that include stocks vs BTC/USDT, commodities vs BTC/USDT, Crypto vs USDT, and Indices vs BTC/USDT.

Trading Account EcoMarkets Currently Offers

EcoMarkets currently offers investors the ability to trade with a single account and does not bombard them variety of trading accounts. Furthermore, EcoMarkets offers users the ability to perform demo-trading where they do not have their actual funds on the line. They can use the demo-trading feature to gain knowledge and experience. In terms of real time account, EcoMarkets offers a single account that the investors can acquire for free. When they are ready to trade, they can make a deposit of minimum $5, which is surprisingly very low even for a new cryptocurrency trader. This is one of the most attractive features offered by EcoMarkets to its investors whether they are new or old.

Trading Platform EcoMarkets Offers

EcoMarkets’ trading platform is unique and exclusive for the exchange’s investors whether they are new or old. It does not matter how long an investor has been trading with EcoMarkets, even it is the first day they have full access to EcoMarkets’ trading platform. The trading platform is loaded with top-notch tools and advanced features. The trading platform offers customizable interface, multi-lingual support, market news/review, trading signals, price alerts, single-click executions, and economic calendar among others. EcoMarkets’ trading platform is available via web and smartphones whether android or iOS.

Transaction Security is Utmost Goal

EcoMarkets is one-in-all exchange for the investors as it offers a security system that is like a fortress that can never be overtaken. The security system adopted by EcoMarkets is SSL Security System, which is known to conceal transactions and transmit them through p2p channels. This means that neither can anyone interfere with these transactions nor they can read the data/information in them. Just to clarify, every personal and financial information shared by the investors is protected with the same technology.

Deposits and Withdrawals Options Offered by EcoMarkets

If an investor wishes to start trading with EcoMarkets then the process is not at all difficult. An investor can make a deposit as low as $5 and they can do it via Bitcoin wallet, Visa Card, or MasterCard. The users can use the same methods for withdrawals and the minimum withdrawal can request is $20. The concerned team at EcoMarkets process the withdrawal requests initiated by the investors within 5 working days.

EcoMarkets’ Customer Support is Always There to Serve

The customer support offered by EcoMarkets is available any time or day of the year, meaning they are available 24/7. EcoMarkets has invested many resources to train and make a team of customer support representatives who are well versed in customer service protocols. Furthermore, they have basic level training around cryptocurrencies so they can even offer their support with some queries. If an investor wishes to get in touch with them, they can do it via email or phone, and the response from both channels would be prompt.

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